Our Approach

It’s not what we do.
It’s how we do it.

QUAKE approaches every client’s business as if it were our own. We believe our job is to roll up our sleeves, research the market, analyze your business, and help you to overcome challenges and achieve your objectives.

From this initial process, we will develop a sustainable solution to address those challenges and jointly plan the implementation. By including your team and ours in task assignments and clearly defined milestones, we ensure a positive, successful experience for both parties. This shared ambition builds trust and deep, meaningful relationships, which is ultimately what we are looking for with every client.

Uncommon Guiding Principles

Our team is made up of seasoned technical, marketing, and public relations professionals. Through our own experiences we’ve learned a few important truths:

  1. Clients know more about their business than we do. While experience tells us we can augment their knowledge and provide fresh, unbiased perspectives, we always look to build on client knowledge, rather than running roughshod over it.
  2. Collaboration yields the best results. We prefer to operate as an extension of our clients’ teams. As a result, new insights are developed by the whole team — insights that would not have been developed in isolation.
  3. Vision with poor execution is meaningless. Part of our job is to help deliver on the vision that is created. We are a hands-on development team and we understand that getting it done is what really matters.
  4. Our incentives should align with the overall objectives of the company. We actually believe in Win-Win opportunities, and it’s best when both parties benefit from the opportunity as well.

Our Fees

Project costs are generally based on hourly rates and expenses, determined by the type of engagement, and the time required by our team to get the job done.

We design a work plan that maps out what needs to be done, when it will be accomplished, and the results that should be realized. Our clients know costs and expected results prior to spending a dime with us. If we do not achieve the committed results, we keep working until we do – at no additional cost.

  • Deposit: A deposit of 1/3 is required prior to the commencement of work. The remainder is invoiced monthly.
  • Evaluation: At the end of the project, we engage all parties for a complete project evaluation.
  • Post-Project: We maintain an ongoing relationship with all of our clients and continue to provide value on an as-needed basis.